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Treat Yourshelf is a Monthly Mystery Indie Book Mail. This option is the subscription only option.

Subscription Information

  • Subscribing will give you an automatic 10% discount.
  • This subscription is on going and will not end until you cancel it.
  • You can't skip months but you can cancel and re-subscribe again when you are ready.
  • Afterpay WILL NOT be available with the subscription option. I know it says under the description it is. Unfortunately i need to contact a coder to be able to change that which i haven't had a chance to do yet.

Each month there are two books available a Fantasy/Paranormal book and a Romance book. For each months more specific genres people follow us on social media if you aren't already.

Treat Yourshelf has three purchase options

  • Fantasy
  • Romance or
  • Both Books

ALL Treat Yourshelf authors and books are new to the store which means unless you purchase indie books else where you should be safe from double ups.

Shipping Information

$10.00 Shipping is included in the price. So at the check out you should see free postage. International Shipping is NOT available for the subscription option.