Boys of St. Augustine by R. Holmes
Boys of St. Augustine by R. Holmes
Boys of St. Augustine by R. Holmes

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Boys of St. Augustine by R. Holmes

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  • Genre: Dark Bully Enemies to Lovers Romance
  • Author Note: Immoral Confessions is a dark high school bully romance set at a Catholic boarding school. It is approximately 72,000 words, full length novel. While the couple's story IS complete, there IS a cliffhanger for the series that will continue on into BOOK 2, TARNISHED VOW. There are dubious scenes inside that some may find triggering. Please heed this warning and read responsibly.

Immoral Confessions - Book One Blurb

It started when I stole a secret I was never meant to keep. Then, “I dare you,” was whispered in the dark of night.
Three simple words that changed everything.
I became the one thing that Rhys Blackwood hated more than he hated himself.
St. Augustine’s very own fallen angel had me in his hold and he wasn’t giving up until I was ruined.
I was a snitch. A liar. A pawn.
He was cruel. Merciless. The King.
Together, we were fated for destruction.
And where there are secrets and untruths… there are demons lurking beyond the shadows.