Bright Wicked by Everly Frost

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Bright Wicked - Book 1 Blurb

One forbidden touch.

Two champions sworn to destroy each other.
Three days to break the spell … or die.

When Aura Lucidia becomes the fae Queen’s Champion, her only goal is to destroy the dark Fell who killed her parents and stole her memories.

Giving up everything to be the strongest, fastest, and most feared is a small price to pay to protect her people from the Fell who live in darkness beyond Bright’s borders.

But when a Fell more powerful than any she’s ever met challenges her, she isn’t prepared for his fierce strength and skill.

Or the dangerous desire in his eyes when he looks at her.

With a single forbidden touch, Aura’s beliefs begin to unravel.

When one mistake invokes an ancient and unbreakable law, her fate is tied to his. Now, she has three days before she must fight him to the death.

But how can she kill the only man she’s destined to love?

Aura has three days left to live. The first day has begun.

Bright Wicked is a full length, 73,000 word fae fantasy romance, the first in the Bright Wicked series, a trilogy told over three consecutive days. A fast-paced tale of forbidden love, sworn enemies, and wicked beauty.

Recommended reading age is 16+ for heat level.