Cartwright series by Lilliana Anderson

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  • Genre: Romantic Comedy/Romantic Suspense (Animal Kingdom meets Married at First Sight)
  • Tropes: Fool me Twice; Antihero Romance, Forced Marriage, Crime Family BBW Heroine.

Fool Me Twice starts off the Cartwright series. Deliciously dark romantic comedies following a band of criminals on their quest for love, money, power, and their fight for freedom. Married to the Mob meets Point Break. You’ll find broody men on surf boards, teasing twins, a baking biker and an overbearing matriarch in this five books series that will keep you on the edge of your seat, shocked, laughing, crying and best of all, pressing your knees together.

Fool me Twice - Book One Blurb

Nate Cartwright is a thief.

Of hearts.
And dignity.
Oh, and stuff too.
He took everything. The first time he stole from me I was blindsided by his charm and his giant er...member.
And the second time he stole from me was my own damn fault because I invited him in, knowing what he was. You see, he took something very important to me and I wanted it back.
He said he did it to teach me a lesson—you can’t tangle with a thief without consequences.
But I didn’t listen.
I didn’t learn.
I tracked him down to make him pay, and now I’m in so far over my head I’ll never get out. Nate isn’t just a thief. He‘s the tip of a dark and sinister iceberg.
And I’m being forced to marry him.