Elite Supernatural Trackers by Heather Renee

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Genre: Urban Fantasy

Initiation - Book 1 Blurb

Luck isn't always a good thing

After years of never having things go my way, I've finally taken control of my own life and built something that's just my own. That is until my good fortune catches the attention of the worst kind of people and every freedom I thought I had is stripped away.

I'm being held against my will without explanation, but I won't stand idly by and wait for someone to come rescue me. Life had taught me to only count on myself and that was just what I planned to do until the Fabled Four insert themselves into my life.

As tensions rise between me and their leader, I have to choose between trusting them and doing what I believe is best for myself. Though, if I can't get my witch magic in check first, I might ruin any chance of escape all on my own.

Let the games begin.

*This is a complete MF paranormal romance series and recommended for ages 16+ due to content and language*