Kingdoms and Curses series by A Lonergan

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  • Genre - Fantasy/Fairy-tale Retelling
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Ashes to Ashes - Book one Blurb
What would you do for freedom? 

Most girls dream about being a princess, but not Arabella Charming. She is tired of the duties, gowns, and titles. Being normal would be nice for a change. With all these rules suffocating her, anger begins to blossom towards others. Including the unsuspecting, delicious gardener. 

As each day passes, Arabella finds herself in a fight or flight mode. 
When her father auctions her up to another kingdom, she knows her time is up.

With little knowledge of her mother's past and a crown at stake, she runs away in search of a family she has never met in exchange for freedom. This one decision changes everything. With Arabella's world crumbling around her, will she be able to save it all or watch as everyone she loves dies?

The Kingdoms and Curses series is made up of standalone, complete stories in each book. All stories are set in the same world and may overlap at times but they don't have to be read in order or even together.