Moments series by JB Heller

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**I'm selling these books as a set at a slightly discounted price because these are the LAST copies of JB's old covers so i wouldn't want anyone to be pissed that the covers didn't match.

- Set includes Moments of Beauty and Moments of Clarity

Moments of Beauty - Book one Blurb

Ugly. It's the only word to describe my upbringing. It drove my need to capture every moment of beauty I could find. A glimpse of a mother’s love. A feather floating in the breeze. A ray of sunshine emerging on a rainy day.

And then there was her,

Eliza Quinn, she signified everything I didn’t deserve. She showed me more beauty than I ever thought possible. And I took it all, despite knowing I was going to leave her, and never come back.Leaving her five years ago was my biggest mistake, and my greatest regret.

Now I need to make amends. I thought leaving her was the hardest thing I’d ever have to do, but that was before I knew I had to win her back.