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More by Abra Pressler

More by Abra Pressler

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  • Genre: M/M Romance
  • Standalone

A feel-good Australian romance about food, community and first love nestled in the suburbs of Canberra, Australia.

Aspiring chef Luciano Jilani dreams of reopening his late mother's restaurant, but as a takeaway delivery driver, he's barely making ends meet.Anse Meyer is a diplomat and an abysmal cook, relying on takeaway and frozen meals as he struggles with the demands of his 'dream job'.When they meet via the delivery app, it's an awkward encounter with a handsome stranger. But then it happens again. And again.Craving more, Luciano offers to teach Anse how to cook. As they make their way through Luciano's mother's recipes, fledging friendship blooms into a consuming romance.But where their love is uncomplicated, their lives are not. When they're pulled in different directions, Luciano and Anse must decide if their love is more than a delicious romance or worth risking everything they've achieved.