Remembering Him by Lucia Ashta
Remembering Him by Lucia Ashta

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Remembering Him by Lucia Ashta

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  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Trope: Small Town/Second Chance

Jace Rollini was my first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first everything.

Gorgeous and tough, he was my high school’s bad boy.
A motorcycle lover with a craving for danger, I thought I’d hold on to him as long as he let me.

Fast forward twelve years…

I ended up with a man who was the wrong sort of trouble.
The kind that hurt me.
The kind that left me in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury that erased the last twelve years of my life.

Now I’m back in the small town I ran away from.
And Jace is here.
And he’s sexier than ever.

I broke his heart.
He’s right in not wanting anything to do with me.

I shouldn’t want Jace anymore.

I should definitely stay away from him...