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The Game of Gods series by Lana Pecherczyk

The Game of Gods series by Lana Pecherczyk

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  • Genre: Urban Fantasy
  • A Romantic Action Adventure Urban Fantasy

Evolution is the game, gods are the players, humans are the avatars, and witches are the glitch. The Game of Gods is an Urban Fantasy series with a slow burn romance that heats to epic proportions in the final two books. The adult strong female protagonist is kick-ass, full of humor and a little snarky.

Soul Thing - Book One Blurb

There are worse things than witches that go bump in the night... and Roo might be one of them.
The female population of the world has been decimated after a war against body-snatching witches. Years later, Roo is hiding in plain sight.
She doesn't know where her powers come from, but they're the same as the enemy, and the last thing she wants is to be burned at the stake. Her plan to stay under the radar seems to work until a cocky witch-hunter comes to town with disaster in his wake.
He reveals there are more powerful beings that possess humans, and Roo might be one of them. There is another war coming, and he needs her help.
Discovering her identity sends her on a downward spiral and if she doesn't get a grip on her powers soon, fighting off witches will be the least of her worries.
With enemies coming at her from all sides, her only hope of survival is to trust the new handsome stranger in town. But when a ghostly witch can look like your sister, aunt, or next-door neighbor, trust is hard to come by...