Beautiful series by Lilliana Anderson

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  • Genre: New Adult Romance
  • Trope: Struggle; Friends to Lovers, Love Triangle, Office Romance, Unrequited Love.

Struggle - Book 1 Blurb

David is always single. But, he’s never wanting.

Girls throw themselves at his feet like he’s some kind of rockstar. But not me. No. I’m just his friend; a fact he likes to remind me of at every opportunity.

And I’m OK with that—I think—because he’s right. Our friendship is too important. And honestly, I don’t want to be one of David’s girls. I see the way he uses them to meet his needs then casts them aside when his interest wanes. I’m not about that life. I want something more. Something I don’t think David is capable of giving me.

That’s not to say I’m immune to his charms. I’ve never been immune.

I delight in the way his eyes twinkle when he smiles at me.

I relish in the way his voice ripples beneath my skin when we share a secret moment.

And I love the way his fingers feel against my skin when we touch…


Yes, I’ve always loved David. Problem is, David has never loved me. Not the way I want him to, anyway.

So, what's a girl to do? Pine and hope for something that will never come? Or suck it up and move on?

I’m choosing to accept my reality and move on.

David should be happy for me. Elliot is the first guy I’ve felt a deep attraction to in years.

But David isn’t happy. In fact, he’s downright angry over my new relationship. He says he’s worried I’ll get hurt again. But I don’t know, it feels bigger than that. It feels like I’m losing my best friend. Even though I’m playing by his rules....