The Grimm Brotherhood by Kel Carpenter & Meg Anne

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Genre: Urban Fantasy

Dying sucks.
Waking up in some creepy woods with a weird ghost girl who tells me I have to go back? That makes it worse.

To learn the truth about my brother’s death, I do what I swore I’d never do. I return home to Farrow’s Square—and flip my car in the process.

Just when I think my night can’t get any worse, my dead brother’s best friend finds me and fills me in on some dirty secrets.
My brother didn’t die in a hunting accident. He was murdered because he was a reaper.
My best friend isn’t actually human. She’s a sex vampire.
And me? Well, I’m one of a kind.

Turns out, half the population of my hometown are actually monsters—and people like my brother exist to keep them in line.

Talk about an ever-growing suspect list.

Now I’ve got to find the killer while watching my own back because whoever it is—they’re coming for me too.
There’s just one little thing they didn’t count on.
The dangerously attractive reaper at my side who wants answers as much as I do.
He’s as lethal as he is arrogant—and he’s determined to help me keep my ass alive.

They say death is the end, but for me it was only the beginning.