Ugly Girl by Sheridan Anne

Ugly Girl by Sheridan Anne

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Genre: DARK DARK DARK Bully Romance

Slade Cruz is a d*@k.

He’s intimidating, sexy as sin, and unpredictably wild. His eyes draw me in while his vicious smirk screams at me to run and never look back. I’m a toy to him, a pawn to use in his devilish games.

I’ve already suffered through hell and back and if it’s games he wants then it’s games he’ll get, but he should be warned, this time it’s my turn to play the lead.

This time, I get to be the devil.

Aston Creek High was supposed to be my fresh start. This was my one shot at freedom, but he had other plans for me. Slade Cruz was never a part of my plan, but he sure as hell made me part of his. I thought I was through with fighting to survive, but it seems as though the games have only just begun.

Give it your best shot, Slade. I’m ready.